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“I have been going to Rini for over 2 years now. She is amazing, very professional and a sweetheart. She treats her clients with love, but most of all her babies are the brows. My eyebrows have come a long way from having gaps and not having a shape to now! My brows have a beautiful arch and they continue to grow in. She is the best!!” – Dayami

“I’ve been with Rini for 5 years and my eyebrows have never looked better!” – Deana

“Girls know, eyebrows are EVERYTHING and Threading specialist Rini knows eyebrows! She is a fabulous eyebrow expert along with many other threading techniques. I would not let a single other soul touch my brows! She’s the best!” – Samantha, IG: @miss_brookes

“I’ve known Rini for about 6 years. I met her at the Tipsy Salonbar Wellington, was impressed by her work and how amazing my eyebrows came out! Also her sweet personality made me feel comfortable and at home. Been following her since. I wish her luck on her endeavors. Thanks Rini.” – Sandy, Sandy’s Home Services

“I have been going to Rini for a few months now and have seen a HUGE improvement in my brows. She is the first threader since I have moved here from NY three years ago that I have been happy with – thrilled with, actually.
She is as beautiful as she is talented.
She’s a true artist!!” – Melissa Malcynski

Laurin Catherine“From the moment I met Rini I instantly knew she was a trailblazer! Rini’s energy can completely change the atmosphere of any room. Not only is she extremely talented but she truly loves what she does and adores her clients! Once you’ve gone to Rini I guarantee you will never want to go anywhere else!” – Laurin Catherine

“Rini is fantastic- she knows what she’s doing. I never have to say much- she just does her thing and my eyebrows come out perfect for weeks. Highly recommended; a simple, mostly-painless way to achieve beauty.” – Hannah

“I walked into the salon Rini was working for to have my first threading experience. I was then told she was completely booked and to make an apptointmrnt. I of course rolled my eyes as I do not like waiting when I want something haha. I decided to go back two days later, and it was the best decision I ever made. After having Rini thread my eyebrows for 5 years now, I can never let anyone else touch them! She has been the best friend and eyebrow expert anyone could ask for!’ – Derek

“Thank you Rini for the transformation you have done on my brows.
Rini is amazing and did a wonderful job getting my brows where I wanted them to be and I’m in love with them now. She’s the best, I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Sara

“Rini is AMAZING! I will never go back to waxing. After waxing, I would always leave with burned, red skin that lasted for days. I didn’t know there were other choices out there!! No one compares to Rini. I’ve been seeing her for over two years now and she is the best!  I will never go to anyone else!!”  – Gwen

“My confidence has gone up tremendously since going to Rini for eyebrow threading. She made it so painless and shaped my brows the way I’ve always envisioned. I recommend her to everyone in the area! Thank YOU, Rini ❤️” – Rebecca Morra

“Rini has been threading my eyebrows for over 10 years!  Her artistic skill of threading eyebrows is out of this world! She’s a beautiful person inside and out!!” – Denise Escobal

“Our entire family loves the specialized care we get from Rini. She is so patient with our teenagers and always makes our eyebrows look on point!” – The Bergmans

“I first met Rini when she approached me while at Marshall’s and told me I had nice eyebrows and gave me her card.  I have been hooked since.  This was probably back in 2008.  She’s wonderful, does great work and I always get compliments after she does my eyebrows.  She is extremely busy but if you need an emergency she will try to fit you in.  Because of how busy she is when someone asks who does my eyebrows I wonder if I should share her name and number because I need room for me lol but I always will share.  But seriously could you ask for a more perfect eyebrow?” – Wendy Bolbach

“Thx, Rini–loving my eyebrows.  With your magic touch & some coconut oil, brows have come a long way. Not to mention, loving the lips!!  Thx!!” – Itzi

“Thank you Rini for always making my eye brows look perfect for the last 10 years. Don’t know what I would do without you.” – Dania Ellis

“I have been getting my eyebrows threaded since I met Rini over 8 years ago,  when I walked into a Wellington salon  and only wanted my eye brows waxed.  I was about 3 months pregnant and when I told her that she said I should try threading my brows; she showed me a burn mark I had received from hot wax and needless to say, I have been one of her threading clients ever since that day and recommend her to everyone!  I must say that for me, threading lasts a week or 2 longer than waxing did.  Rini  is so precise and amazing at what she does!” Jen

“For the past 10+ years i have had the pleasure of getting my eyebrows done with the amazing and beautiful Rini. Before Rini, i would get my eyebrows done by wax which sometimes would burn my skin and always made me break out. With threading, there is no gross redipping into wax. But if you want the best person for threading, Rini is your woman! She listens to what you want and teaches you what you need to do to properly maintain your brows. I have also had my face threaded by her on those special occasions where i wanted a beautifully clean look. She made me look and feel absolutely gorgeous for my engagement pics,  wedding day (10 years ago), and even before giving birth to my son (which despite my fractured ankle, i had to work that in). Anytime i go get my eyebrows done with her, i always feel like a new woman. Ever since I found Rini, I have never had my brows done by anyone else and never will as long as I live in South Florida.  Thank you Rini.” – Gisela, Poetic Visions Photography